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Adisa Armand has worked with young children and youth as a teacher of gifted students, and with teenagers at specialized schools for the past 20 years. Organizer with OCO and OCC, Mediator on Local Neighborhood Council

Candidate Statement: Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of of community you want to live in.” Author unknown

When I think of KPFA, I am reminded of WBAI, the station I listened to growing up in Harlem, New York. When I think of how important community is, I am reminded of my father, George Winsor. Family plays one of the most pivotal roles in our lives, and I watched in admiration and pride as my father, aged 80, volunteered at the Bronx councilman’ office, “retiring” at the age of 95. As I write this, I think of all the good that came from his efforts while he served his community. When I think about the legacy afforded by my father, I know that volunteering to serve on the KPFA Rescue Pacific Board would provide me an opportunity to vote into existence the very community I and hopefully others would want to live in.

KPFA’s potential reminds me of that councilman’s office in the Bronx, a dedicated grassroots communication hub, a direct line to the community of black, brown and underrepresented people.

Over the past thirty years, I have worked with young children and youth as a teacher of gifted students, and with teenagers at specialized schools. My passion has been to organize, plan, teach and offer workshops to diverse groups of people regarding systemic racism, women and children’s rights.
As a person who has been actively engaged with our youth, I believe it would behoove KPFA to offer opportunities for youth/young adults who have fresh and innovative ideas. While KPFA is marginally recognized within the underrepresented communities, I know this radio station could be known as “community radio” by the strategic inclusion of underrepresented folks from all walks of life. Underrepresented communities should also have decision making roles.

COVID-19’s devastating consequences have impacted people of colour and underrepresented folks the hardest. Isolation, distrust and feelings of hopelessness have become pervasive within these communities. KPFA can be instrumental in removing the walls of isolation, distrust, and hopelessness by consistent outreach to those communities most effected. True collaboration involves inclusion and a compassionate spirit. I honestly believe that KPFA can move forward and grow with this inclusive and compassionate spirit at its base.

My work as a teacher of gifted students and autistic children has given me clarity about priorities when working with those groups, This experience will carry over to working with the board. As a Freedom Rider during the Civil Rights Movement, fearlessness, bravery and courage became my constant companions. As an organizer with OCO and OCC, patience, creative problem solving and initiative were the the most reached for tools in my toolbox.
If elected to serve on the KPFA board, I will dedicate to all my tools, my gifts of inclusion, and a passion for excellence and compassion to a table that serves and represents the communities that need it the most.

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