I have been with the Apprenticeship Program about three years, and for 2019 I am filling a seat on the LSB left by a member resignation. 

I am particularly intrested in Board service because of its mandated responsibility of governance, member engagement and the fiscal and fundraising needs of the station. 

Three years of hearing about the dire financial straits Pacifica was in and the horrendous consequences those problems would bring down on KPFA leads me to run for a position on the LSB so that I can be much better informed on the Foundation’s/station’s soundness as an ongoing organization and to lend my time, previous non-profit board experience, financial management experience and long, long time KPFA membership toward a successful plan to insure a viable radio network for many more years. 

The need of staff to know that the station and network are stable and viable is an important consideration for me; I include the unpaid volunteer staff who donate so much effort and expertise to KPFA in addition to paid staff who make their living serving the station. Serving on the LSB as a staff representative, I will keep those needs and perspective in consideration at all times. 

While the financial situation looms so large and urgently, I also want to encourage improvement in the work of the Local Board in additional ways: 

• Train and require LSC members to become active fundraisers for KPFA, both on air and in the community. (Usually a primary function of a non-profit board)

• Build Community Engagement so that KPFA listeners have another conduit for their wishes for the station. As well, those not-yet-listeners and not-yet-subscribers deserve our interaction so that they too can develop their commitment to independent Listener-sponsored radio

• Institute board training to have incoming members up to speed on their roles quickly, and to focus the unity of purpose of this sizeable group.

• Increase Financial Literacy and impress a sense of urgency for LSB responsibility in this area

• Support Management staff in meeting their expectations for excellence, especially staff whose performance the LSB is responsible for evaluating. 

I have been involved in the training and community building of the First Voice Apprenticeship, as noted, for three years and counting. While continuing my commitment to that unique KPFA program I have decided to step up my support of KPFA and put myself in consideration for a staff seat on the Local Station Board.