Another Power Grab By Pacifica Corporatizers

Don’t Sign The Petition At Pacifica To Corporatize The Bylaws

This is the second attempt to force PACIFICA to hold yet another referendum after the first cost us 150K – six months later.

grab Another Power Grab By Pacifica Corporatizers

It is being sponsored mostly by the same cast of characters who sponsored the last referendum. That one was defeated  by a  2-1 margin. 

Although some of the details are different this bylaws proposal is another assault on democratic governance like the last one.

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Anti-Democratic Bylaws – AGAIN

Sadly, the anti-democratic brigade was not dissuaded by their crushing defeat earlier this year and are making another attempt to force a bylaws referendum. The new proposal which goes by the name “New Day” is no better than the first and returns Pacifica to the same self-appointed model that caused all the problems in 1999, with a few distracting flourishes, including toothless local station boards and pro forma elections for powerless station representatives. Don’t be fooled.

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To learn more, ask questions and make comments, watch for Pacifica Fightback’s announcement of their Town Hall meeting #3,  and links to it this Saturday December 5th at 3 pm on Zoom.

Protecting Democracy, Fighting Racism

There will be speakers and we will deconstruct the latest replacement bylaws and answer questions. 

DON’T SIGN THE “NEW DAY” PETITION!!  Directions for UNSIGNING, if you have signed already, are at this website:

The links will be posted here soon, and station members should get them in their email before Friday.

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And to be more informed, also see http://www.Pacifica in –  scroll down to the 2nd and 3d articles.).


KPFA Town Hall

Rescue Pacifica-affiliated local board members called a meeting for April 30, 2020 since the full board was out of compliance with the bylaws, not having met since January 11, 2020. The bylaws require local boards to meet every 60 days.

15 of the 16 UIR-affiliated reps boycotted the meeting, but 35 members showed up and a town hall discussion was held. The audio recording is below. Vice-Chair Marilyn Langlois presided in the absence of the board chair.


Anti-Democratic Bylaws Proposal Defeated 66% – 34%

Pacifica members and workers rejected an anti-democratic bylaws revision that would have ended the reforms adopted in 2002, after KPFA was raided and forcibly shut down by a self-appointed board of directors in the summer of 1999.

After voting closed on March 19, certified results were released on the afternoon of March 23, showing that both listener members and workers were issuing a thumbs down on the proposal by an almost identical 2-1 margin in parallel elections.

Certified results can be viewed here.

Rescue Pacifica thanks the many KPFA members and staffers who voted no. Our affiliated local station board members (elected by you!) are eager to get back to work on your behalf.

A host of prominent progressives supported the “NO” campaign including actor Danny Glover, Global Exchange co-founder Media Benjamin, Empire Files host Abby Martin, and CA Progressive Alliance founder Gayle McLaughlin.

An especially warm thanks to those of you who supported our Rescue Pacifica Voter Education Fund, which allowed us to get accurate info out to the entire KPFA membership.

Democracy Won.

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