How to vote for the KPFA Local Station Board

The deadline to vote in this election is less than a week away:
September 30, by 8:59 pm. So vote now!
Vote only for the Rescue Pacifica affiliated candidates.

Here’s why:
The so called KPFAProtectors/New Day faction has ruled the LSB as a
majority vote for many years now, and the station and network have
suffered. We are in a financial bind, not only because there are now
multiple news sources available, but also because, among other reasons,
the lawsuits they have put forward have cost the network hundreds of
thousands of dollars or more which we could not afford. Late audits
have also lost us available grants from the Corporation for Public
broadcasting and non-profit law. Many long time listeners have seen
this as a deliberate policy they have adhered to over the years.

But in addition our Rescue Pacifica KPFA Local Station Board (LSB)
candidates are fighting to bring our local station KPFA at 94.1 fm back
to its anti-war and anti-imperialist roots, and for a democratic
listener and staff governance model that delivers accountability,
transparency and programming that is independent from mainstream US
media conglomerate neoliberal politics, news and culture. And we will
fight to keep Pacifica Network intact, with its five stations in major
metropolitan areas and its 220+ affiliates…

We call ourselves Rescue Pacifica because some of those who now call
themselves KPFA Protectors

  • Have TWICE tried to change the By-laws that would’ve disenfranchised listeners by taking away the power of LSBs
  • Have used shock doctrine tactics to illegally try to close down our sister station WBAI
  • Have delayed payment of important bills
  • Have failed to comply with regulatory requirements that would secure our assets and our funding;
  • Have unsuccessfully sued Pacifica to try to put assets into receivership;
  • Continue to press forward on appeal a frivolous challenge to the last KPFA election, which has now lost in court 4 times, as part of their campaign to bankrupt Pacifica and take over KPFA for themselves
  • Tried to reconstitute our Community Assessment Board, (CAB), (which they eliminated previously) with members chosen by their faction only;
  • Filed a Petition to Deny with the Federal Communications Commission to try to get WBAIs license revoked, with a potential loss of a $20-50M asset;
  • Abused their power and spermajority status by removing one of LSB delegates from the KPFA LSB listserve, constituting a sham ethics committee and expelled her unlawfully and with no cause. That delegate was reinstated by the National Board;
  • Attributed seizure of $305,000 from KPFA’s treasury by federal marshals, a fine brought on by an attempt of theirs to support a former Executive Director who tried to shut down the New York station WBAI.

Pacifica is the last of the remaining truly independent community radio
networks in the US today. We need to keep it that way.

And vote for our 8 Rescue Pacifica candidates

    ~ Stan Woods ~ Steve Zeltzer ~ Elizabeth Milos ~
         ~ Cheryl Davila ~ Pathma Venasithamby ~
 ~ Edward Escobar ~ Dr. Nayvin Gordon ~ Rich Stone ~

Current Rescue Pacifica affiliated members of the Local Station Board are:

Daniel Borgstrom ~ James McFadden ~ Christine Pepin ~ Tom Voorhees
Elizabeth Milos ~ Frank Sterling ~ Donna Carter ~
Frank Sterling

      To see our growing endorser list go to

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Need help voting? see or email (best) or call (213) 635-9363