Rescue Pacifica stands for:

  1. Reliable news from a variety of independent sources and the field, not the corporatized wire services
  2. An anti-war stance as opposed to support for “humanitarian interventions”.
  3. Support for Julian Assange and other such journalists, publishers and/or
  4. Airtime for diverse grassroots community groups including during the morning drive time.
  5. Bargaining rights for both the paid and the unpaid staff since the unpaid workers produce 70% of the station’s program schedule.
  6. Addition of new technology to broaden KPFA’s online reach. Expansion into video content.
  7. Vigilant free speech and anti-censorship radio
  8. Democratic governance and shared decision making among station workers and the community.
  9. Keeping listeners informed about governance matters.
  10. Restoring a democratic Program Council to Make programming decisions.
  11. Retaining independence from any privatized ownership.
  12. No commercial underwriting
  13. Responsible budgeting and timely and transparent financial reporting to listeners.
  14. Keeping the Pacifica Foundation intact.