Local Station Board election results

KPFA Listener Candidates
FINAL ROUND – Round 15VotesPercentage
Steve Zeltzer RP #4189.8611.06%
Michael T. Cheng189.3411.03%
Mark Van Landuyt188.3410.97%
Candice Schott #3191.311.15%
Lily M. Kimura189.6511.05%
Sharon Adams 188.85 11.00%
Cheryl Davila Former Councilmember RP #1197.7511.52%
Emma Aiyanna Auer188.0310.96%
Elizabeth Milos RP RP #2193.2211.26%
Runners up:
1. Carlos Kohn
2. Stan Woods RP
3. Edward Escobar RP
4. Pathma “No to wars” Venasithamby RP
5. Coleen Mast
KPFA Staff Candidates (FINAL ROUND – Round 5)VotesPercentage
Darlene Pagano16.1734.08%
Richard Wolinsky15.8733.45%
Philip Maldari15.4132.48%
Runners up:
1. Anthony Fest RP (elected)
2. Margo Okazawa-Rey

Anthony Fest, only 2 votes short of election, became a staff delegate since
incumbent Chris Cory was found to be termed out.

Rescue Pacifica has had 8 members on the 24 member LSB, and now has just over 33% of the votes, just over the 1/3 minority which would enable New Day to
control a super majority and winning any vote. We are prepared for the

The balance on the Pacifica National Board is not yet known, but that situation
will also be close and difficult.