Endorsements 2023

Organization Endorsements

Veterans for Peace – East Bay Chapter 162

Peace and Freedom Party – State Central Committee

Wireless Radiation Education & Defense (WIRED)

Green Party of San Francisco

Green Party of Alameda County

Peopleś Park Council

Green Party of Santa Clara County

Oscar Grant Committee

Individual Endorsements

Cindy Sheehan – Anti-War Activist

Ann Garrison – Contributing editor Black Agenda Report, KPFA news reporter, Grayzone producer, contributor/producer to Pacificaś ¨Capitalism, Race and Democracy¨

Joy Moore – Programmer Full Circle KPFA, Friday 7pm

Frank Sterling – Programmer Full Circle KPFA, Friday 7pm, staff LSB member

Clarence Thomas – Former Secretary-Treasurer ILWU Local 10

Andres Soto – Former KPFA host (¨El Show de Andres Soto¨)

Jack Heyman – Former Executive, Board of ILWU Local 10 Oakland

David Newton – Dispatcher ILWU Local 10, board member of Huey P. Newton Foundation

Trent Willis – Past President ILWU Local 10

Julie Tang – Retired San Francisco Judge, Co-founder of Comfort Women Justice Coalition

Bill Balderston – Member of the Alameda County Labor Council, Oakland Education Association and Green Party

Jeralyn Blueford – Director of the Alan Blueford Center for Justice

Daniel Borgstrom-Member of Veterans for Peace East Bay Chapter 162, member of LMNOP, the Lake Merritt Walk for Peace walk, LSB member

Virginia Browning – Former community radio news reporter and host, former LSB member and longtime KPFA listener

Donna Carter – KPFA LSB member, retired staff nurse and CNA member, negotiator, strike leader, participant in anti-war movement and ally of Black Liberation Movement

Robert Collins – Co-Founder of the Angelo Quinto Foundation, Concord

Dorothy Fadiman – Documentary film maker

Pete Farruggio – Former professor of bilingual education, organizer of successful anti-Klan actions throughout California, ILWU Local 6 Executive

Maria Gilardin – Producer of TUC Radio

Michael Goldstein – Attorney at Law. author, Oakland

Diane Harrison – Member of the Santa Clara Green Party

Chandra Hauptman – Former KPFA LSB and Pacifica Board member

Greg Jan – Environmental and Green Party activist, former President, Ohana Asian Cultural Center, former coordinator of Berkeley Earth Day, The Greening the West Conference, and the World Future Society, SF Bay Chapter

Dan Kovalik – KPFA guest speaker, lawyer and human rights advocate, author of How the West Violates International Law by Using Humanitarian Intervention to Advance Economic Interests: Nicaragua: A History of US Intervention and Resistance, Professor of International Rights, University of Pittsburgh

 Don Macleay – Former LSB member, machinist, union member, shop teacher, retrained computer engineer, small business owner and a polyglot with deep, anti-imperialist international- Background

James McFadden – UC Berkeley Research Physicist, KPFA LSB and Pacifica Board member, Alameda Green Party

Felipe Messina – Member International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Modesto

Nadia Nouri – Green Party of Santa Clara County Council member, retired high tech executive

Nassim Nouri – Green Party of Santa Clara Council member, retired scientist, Santa Clara Single Payer Healthcare member

Justin Richardson – past President, WORT Community Radio, Board of Directors

Mara Rivera – Long time KPFA/Pacifica activist, member Jewish Voice for Peace, member of NOBAWC (NO Boss) worker cooperative advocate, and Rainbow Grocery Coop

Tracy Rosenberg– Executive Director, Media Alliance

Eugene Ruyle – Former US Marine, long-time antiwar activist, member Veterans for Peace

Marc Sapir MD

Joel Schor – Member Sailor Union of the Pacific, ILWU #6

Larry Shoup – Historian (Wall Streetś Think Tank)

Gar Smith – Cofounder and director, Environmentalists Against War

Phoebe Ann Thomas Sorgen – Move to Amend and Berkeley Citizens Action Steering Committees, BFUU Social Justice chair, former LSB member

Pamela Spevack – NOW, OLOC (Old Lesbians Organizing for Change) Alameda County Green Party County Council member

Rick Sterling – Independent Journalist, activist in several Bay Area organizations

Ahimsa Sunchai MD – Physician

Richard Tan – Criminal Defense attorney Oakland, Ca

Stephanie Thomas – Albany/Berkeley activist

Tom Voorhees – Transmitter Engineer, retired, IBEW and Teamster member, Artificial Intelligence (AI) for work week reduction, not for imperialism and war

Donna Wallach – Justice for Palestinians, San Jose & Leonard Peltier Support Group, Silicon Valley

Laura Wells -Former gubernatorial candidate Green Party


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