These individuals endorse the Rescue Pacifica 2021 team of candidates for the KPFA Local Station Board.


Cindy Sheehan – Peace organizer, host of Cindy’s Soapbox

Maria Gilardin – Host of TUC Radio

Verna Avery Brown – Host at WPFW (Washington DC), former host of Pacifica Network News

Ann Garrison – Contributing Editor, Black Agenda Report, KPFA News reporter, producer/contributor to Pacifica’s “COVID, Race and Democracy”

Andres Soto – Host of El Show de Andres Soto (KPFA), Organizer at Communities for a Better Environment, Jazz musician p

Mickey Huff – Host of Project Censored Show (KPFA), Professor of History at Diablo Valley College

Peter Phillips – Co-founder of Project Censored Show (KPFA), Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University

Anthony Fest – Producer of Project Censored Show (KPFA), 30 year news host and producer

Frank Sterling – Co-director, KPFA Apprenticeship Program

Dennis Bernstein – Host/producer Flashpoints

Justin Richardson – past President, WORT Community Radio, Board of Directors

Joy Moore – KPFA program producer

Tom Voorhees – Transmitter Engineer, KPFA and Pacifica board member

George Coates– Playwright, theatrical producer, creator of Twit Wit Radio (KPFA)

Steve Zeltzer – Host of Work Week Radio, KPOO (San Francisco), Founder of Labor Fest

Bonnie Faulkner – Host of Guns & Butter (WBAI New York)

Lawrence Reyes – Podcast host, KPFK and Pacifica board member

Miguel Perez – producer, La Onda Bajita

Polina Vasiliev – Program Producer (Covid, Race & Democracy), KPFK and Pacifica board member


Milton Allimadi — Editor, Black Star News

Danny Haiphong — Contributing Editor, Black Agenda Report

Larry Shoup – Historian, author (Wall Street’s Think Tank)

Mary Ratcliff — Editor, San Francisco Bay View Newspaper

Joe Lauria —Editor, Consortium News


Clarence Thomas – former Business agent of Int’l Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10, member of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

Jack Heyman – former Business agent of Int’l Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 10

Oriana Saportas – Eviction Defense Collaborative, San Francisco, KPFA Local Election Supervisor, 2010

Bill Balderston – Oakland Educational Association

Paul Larudee — The Association for Investment in Popular Action Committee, and Green Party Contra Costa County Council and Peace Organizer for Palestine & Syria

Dave Welsh – Former LSB member, retired postal worker, Veterans for Peace

Carole Seligman – Editor, Socialist Viewpoint

Tim Laidman – Green Party Contra Costa County Council

Eduardo Martinez – Richmond City Council member and East Bay Sanctuary Covenant board member

Michael Rubin – SEIU 1000 Delegate – Alameda Labor Council

Marilyn Langlois – current LSB member and co-founder, Richmond Progressive Alliance

Rick Sterling – Independent journalist

Gar Smith – Co-founder and Director, Environmentalists Against War

Laura Wells – former Green Party gubernatorial candidate

Marsha Feinland – former Peace & Freedom Party presidential and senatorial candidate

Tarnel Abbott – C0-Founder, Richmond Progressive Alliance

Andrea Prichett – Co-founder of Berkeley Copwatch, Berkeley school teacher, musician

Christine Pepin – current LSB member, electrical engineer, Sunnyvale, CA, former chair, Climate Action Team, South Bay Progressive Alliance

Chandra Hauptman – Former KPFA board member

Sasha Leitmann — Co-Producer of the documentary movie “Socialism: An American Story”

Shim Farrell – retired teacher, union member OEA & OFT, (veteran of 4 long strikes), Pacifica subscriber since 1957 (KPFK & KPFA), member of LMNOP, the Lake Merritt peace walk

John Sheridan – Visual artist, Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica

Diana Bohn – Berkeley Peace and Justice Commissioner

Pamela Spevack – NOW, OLOC (Old Lesbians Organizing for Change)

Attila Nagy – Organizer of the Petaluma Progressive Festival and Former member of the KPFA Local Station Board

Carol Brouillet – founder of 9/11 Film Festival, Green Party congressional candidate in 2006 and 2008

Joe Wanzala – Former member of the KPFA Local Station Board and the Pacifica National board

Rick Perez – Father of Pedie Perez (Murdered by Richmond PD ), Oscar Grant Committee

Phoebe Anne Thomas Sorgen – Move to Amend and Berkeley Citizens Action Steering Committees, BFUU Social Justice Committee chair, Green Party alt rep to the Global Greens, former LSB member

Jessica Montiel – Green Party Contra Costa County Council

Greg Jan – Environmental and Green Party activist; former President, Ohana Asian Cultural Center, former co-coordinator, Greening the West conference, Berkeley Earth Day, and World Future Society, SF Bay Area Chapter

Henry Norr – Former KPFA LSB member, Gaza Freedom Flotilla volunteer

Stephanie Thomas — Albany/Berkeley activist 

Stan Woods – Former Executive Board International Longshore and Warehouse Union # 6. and former member of KPFA Local Station Board

Richard Tan – National Lawyers Guild, Attorney at Law

Barbara and Barry Deutsch – KPFA activists

Deborah Marks – Oscar Grant Committee

Richard Phelps – Attorney, former chair of KPFA Local Station Board and member of the Pacifica National board.

Carol Shaw – Attorney at Law, Castro Valley

Steve Gilmartin – Freelance editor

Sandi Morey – music teacher, member of LMNOP, the Lake Merritt peace walk; KPFA member/listener since the 1950s.

Orion Edmondson – Jazz musician, songwriter and educator

Frank Running Horse – Social justice activist and union organizer,

Virginia Browning – KPFA activist

Carolyn Birden — WBAI (former) Director, Pacifica National Board

Stephen Brown – Former PNB director, board member, Covert Action Quarterly

Mara Rivera – Long time KPFA/Pacifica activist and member Jewish Voice for Peace

Tracy Rosenberg – Executive director, Media Alliance

Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party  – {organizational endorsement}

Green Party of Santa Clara County – {organizational endorsement}

Green Party of Alameda County – {organizational endorsement}

Green Party of San Francisco – {organizational endorsement}

San Francisco Peace and Freedom party  – {organizational endorsement}

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