Local Station Board (LSB) elections

Local Station Board (LSB) elections are coming to KPFA in August -September of 2023, and it matters.

At stake is KPFA’s 7-decade legacy as a progressive and antiwar voice. Since 1949, KPFA has stood up to Joe McCarthy and the witch hunt of the House Unamerican Activities Committee, opposed the wars in Korea and Vietnam as well as nuclear armament.

The Pacifica radio network, which grew to 5 stations in major cities across the country, has been a toothy watchdog and a voice for various progressive and radical movements and at the forefront of the Free Speech movement. This remarkable radio network has survived many perils, but not all. It’s never, ever been out of danger.

The corporations and their government agencies, the CIA etc., which subvert the media, overthrow democratically elected leaders and impose dictatorships around the world, are a standing threat to all independent media — including KPFA/Pacifica.

During the 1990s operatives of the Bill Clinton Administration took over KPFA and Pacifica. Known as “Hijacker regime”, they were thrown out, but acolytes remained, and their protégés are today very much back in control, the gatekeeper clique at KPFA.

These folks operate through a faction calling itself the “KPFA Protectors”/”New Day”/”Safety Net” and other misleading names. They have committed various actions to undermine and break up the Pacifica radio network.

One recent example: The seizure of $305,000 by Federal Marshals — which they blame on Pacifica — was mostly due to their own actions. This same faction in the KPFA LSB has petitioned the FCC to deny the broadcast license to a Pacifica sister station WBAI of NY.

In today’s world of bipartisan warmongers playing nuclear chicken, we need to restore and defend KPFA’s antiwar voice and defend grassroots social Justice programs such as the First Voice Apprenticeship program which was recently terminated. Instead, the Interim General Manager chose to provide 9 hours/week to pro-war/pro-interventionist, Ian Masters.

After the termination of Work Week Radio, there are NO labor programs with rank-and-file voices on KPFA in the middle of historic strike waves throughout the country.

Programming and the financial crisis are key issues in this election — and rescuing KPFA from those that want to steal it away from Pacifica.

Our RESCUE PACIFICA affiliated candidates of the KPFA Local Station Board are (please vote for ALL of them):

  • Stan Woods – ILWU local 6 (retired)*
  • Elizabeth Milos – UPTE-CWA 9119* (re-election)
  • Steve Zeltzer – Pacifica Mediaworkers Guild
  • Cheryl Davila – former Berkeley Councilmember
  • Dr. Nayvin Gordon
  • Pathma “No to Wars” Venasithamby – JVP Activist
  • Edward Escobar – Alliance for Independent Workers and Screen Actors Guild*
  • Rich Stone – APWU and SF Labor Council delegate *

*For ID purposes only