1999 redoux?

A faction  of the Pacifica Foundation National Board illegally shutdown the New York Pacifica station WBAI on Monday October 7, 2019. They improperly  ordered Pacifica engineers  and staff to rip out the computers, shutdown the WBAI website and turn the broadcast station into a repeater station. They also improperly set up a consulting company called “Pacifica Across America” with KPFA manager Quincy  McCoy as a consultant to determine programming. 

This is the corporatization of KPFA and Pacifica.  It took place during a national election at all Pacifica stations and a national  fundraising campaign, and has already cost Pacifica and KPFA tens of thousands of dollars.  This action also violated the AFTRA-SAG union contract by giving no notice of the terminations and closure of the station, although required under the contract.  A majority of the Pacifica National Board have now overturned these actions, but those who  took this action must be held accountable. 

Additionally at KPFA, this rogue faction is seeking to remove Pacifica KPFA Board representative Tom Voorhees from the KPFA board at a secret meeting on October 26, 2019 to support their faction and coup at WBAI.  We must PACK the meeting and speak out against the coup.

Press Conference At KPFA LSB Meeting
Saturday October 19,  2019 10:00 AM
South Berkeley Senior Citizens Center
2939 Ellis St, Berkeley, CA 94703

Meeting starts at 11:00 AM