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  1. Greetings, fellow KPFA’ers,
    As a former GP County Council member and State Delegate representing Monterey County, I support Candidates Don Macleay, Cristine Pepin, Marilyn Langois, Tom Voorhees, Mantra Helene Plonsey, and Karina Stenquist to “Help Rescue Pacifica” in the upcoming election.
    Also, definitely Steve Zeltzer as a Staff Member as well as Ann Garrison and Darlene Pagano.

    Knowing Steve Zeltzer personally, he’s sharp, astute, and has his facts together before he puts on a program. Certainly an asset as a KPFA Staff Member in my opinion.

    I’ve been fighting for Single Payer Health Care, “honest elections” (hand-counted paper ballots), ranked-choice voting, well-funded public schools, the “right” to unionize (I’m a retired Teamster) and just about every other Green Party Platform, plus cutting the war-machine’s budget (The Pentagon’s) by 75% and using that money to fund these measures rather than waste it on killing and maiming others around the globe for maintaining our imperial empire.

    Good luck to all of you in running in the KPFA Election.

    In Solidarity

    Frank Lambert
    Monterey County

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