Candidate Statement: y name is Frank Sterling Jr. I am running for staff representative to the kpfa local station board. I have served the past 3 years on the board and have been a consistent voice fighting for community representation on the airwaves of KPFA and the rights of paid and unpaid staff. Our most pressing issues are financial. A large loan looming. KPFA, KPFK, the equipment and the Pacifica archives are collateral. We must make sure of a plan to repay that loan. There are many ideas out there and some are actually in effect, like using percentages of any bequests to go toward the loan. I would also like to see stations taking at least one day of every fund drive and put it towards the loan.

I’m a firm believer in keeping the network together. Yes we have financial and other pressing issues at some of our stations but I believe helping get it together while working as a team will keep us stronger. The network can play an important role in shaping the narrative and help to bring this nation into a more progressive future.

Other important issues I feel are going more multimedia and utilizing the KPFA website to stream audio as well as video. I also believe if we work towards monetizing virtual tickets to the KPFA Speaker series it will help bring in some, not all but some much needed revenue. I would also like to see KPFA and the other stations in the network incorporate a text based system of giving. This would help augment the donation income and would hopefully help cut down on the number of on air fundraising days.

For staff. I feel we need to continue to keep us safe at the station while allowing workers return to the building. The CDC and the state and county are setting guidelines for fully vaccinated employees to return to the workplace. I believe we should fully recognize unpaid staff and help in the reformation of the unpaid staff organization. I feel many programmers from the unpaid staff were not properly alerted and respected in the termination of their programs. We should assure the unpaid staff has proper representation when their shows are on the chopping block. I would like to see the reformation of a program council at KPFA to help review the performance of shows and offer helpful suggestions to improve. The council could assist the GM in considering whether a show should be cut or help to improve and help in the implementation of new progressive shows that could be put in place of shows that are reruns.

If I am elected I will work my best to help KPFA and the Pacifica Network to regain some strength and keep strong into the future. I will treat other board members with respect regardless of their views or positions.
Lastly. I support Ann Garrison and Anthony Fest.

Thank you for your consideration.
Frank T. Sterling Jr.

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